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Animal Home Makeover

If you've walked through the North American area of the Zoo lately, you might have noticed a few changes. Recently, the mammal and bird departments have been working together to renovate the porcupine and turkey vulture exhibit. The two departments worked together to design and remodel this exhibit. It's what we call a mixed species exhibit since it houses both a mammal and a bird. We removed all of the old propping and perching, which are zoo terms for branches, and have added new limbs to the exhibit. The old props and perches had become worn down from talons, teeth and lots of Kansas weather and needed to be replaced. We also made some changes ti the design of the exhibit to keep it interesting for our animals. We added a large hollow stump close to the front of the exhibit. Porcupines spend most of the day sleeping in hollow trees in the wild and our turkey vulture likes to hide inside from time to time. So look closely next time — you may see a vulture or porcupine looking at you!

Entry by: Anne, Zookeeper

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