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Introductions Can be a Little Rough!

This morning all of the elk cows were introduced to each other for the first time. Elk stand up and strike with their front hooves, making them very dangerous for us fragile humans. The fight was over quickly, with the new cows dominating the older cows immediately. They were very respectful of our oldest cow and barely acknowledged her since she did not challenge them. It will be interesting to see how things work out over the coming weeks, but for now, the new elk are in charge!

Watch video of the introductions!>

Video by Lindsey, Zookeeper
Written by Nancy, Senior Keeper North America


Welcome Velma & Daphne

This week, the two new elk cows from Oklahoma City finally got to explore their exhibit for the first time. Daphne and Velma loved being able to stretch their legs and explore. They spent a couple of weeks in an off exhibit area and were ready to see their new home. We put snow fence up on their fence and newspapers on the windows to make sure that they could see their boundaries. Being experienced zoo animals, they settled in very quickly and have quickly learned the routine of shifting on and off exhibit. Next week we hope to introduce them to their new "roommates", Shoshone and Lakota!

Watch video of first moments in their new home!>

Nancy, Senior Keeper North America

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