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Incredible Creatures

Expect to see chimpanzees grooming one another and orangutans gazing back at you from one of their four wooden platforms.  view more >

Animals in the Exhibit
  • Pan troglodytes
Sumatran orangutan
  • Pongo pygmaeus abelii

ZooKeepers’ Journals

Our keepers are very busy caring for the animals. When time allows we will add journal entries here. We hope the Zookeepers' Journals will be a fun way to learn more about the fascinating animals we have in our care.

September 26, 2016

Meet Tao, our newest addition to the Sumatran orangutan group.  view more >

May 23, 2016

We are saddened to pass along that Tammy, chimpanzee, passed away May 22 at the age of 44.  view more >

Photo Gallery

Chimpanzees & Orangutans

The chimpanzees and orangutans will delight guests with their colorful personalities and intriguing vocalizations.

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KOCH Orangutan & Chimpanzee Habitat
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An Incredible Habitat for Incredible Creatures

In 1988 the Sedgwick County Zoo was selected as the first site of observer training workshops for Jane Goodall's ChimpanZoo Project. Researchers from zoos throughout the country received training from Dr. Goodall and her colleagues in the methodology of recording chimpanzee behavior. Through unified studies of chimpanzees in our care and the use of the established communications network, zoos are able to exchange information on the effects of exhibit modification and behavioral enrichment.

The orginal Apes and Man building, opened in 1982, and the Koch Orangutan & Chimpanzee Habitat, added in 1996, are favorites among guests. The outdoor habitat allows Zoo visitors to watch natural behaviors and get an intimate view of orangutans and chimpanzees.  A waterfall flowing from a rocky cliff, climbing structures and platforms offer these great apes plenty of choices. Simulated termite mounds encourage problem solving. Watch the chimpanzees as they create tools from small sticks to dig for yummy treats. Multi-level viewing of chimpanzees and orangutans are sure to offer you the opportunity to observe these incredible creatures.

ZooKeepers’ Journals
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