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We've Packed Up the Zoo

And it’s ready for classroom fun! Now you can add Zoo excitement to your lessons by using Zoo animal artifacts, videos, puzzles, games, books and much, much more! You facilitate this Zoo program – everything you need is packed and ready for your classroom! Zoo Trunks were created by teachers for teachers. All trunks are aligned to Kansas State Teaching Standards. Each trunk can be checked out for a one-week time period.

A to Z Boxes are just $5 each plus a refundable $15 security deposit.
All Others Zoo Trunks are just $20 plus a $50 refundable security deposit. 

Fees are valid through June 30, 2017.

Call 266.8213 Mon – Fri for reservations at least two weeks before you'd like to pick up a trunk or box.

A through Z Boxes

Each letter of the Alphabet has its own box designed specifically for preschool-kindergarten age children.

Each Box includes:

  • Background information to help you prepare and teach
  • Lesson plans for one letter of the alphabet with exciting hands-on materials
  • Hand writing pages in both D’Nealian and Zane Blaser Style
  • Animal artifacts and information
  • Books
  • Optional craft ideas, songs, puzzles and games

Zoo Trunks

Each Zoo Trunk Includes:

  • Background information to help you prepare and teach
  • A pre-trunk activity
  • Core classroom activities with exciting hands-on materials
  • Cross curricular activities
  • Assessment
  • Optional activities, coordinating games, worksheets and more

Fur, Feathers & Scales (Designed specifically for grades K-3) Match toy animals to real fur, feathers and scales. Link animal coverings to your own. Explore why animals have the coverings they do. Sort and classify animal coverings, then assess what you've learned.

Swinging Safari (Designed specifically for grades 1-3) You will be introduced to the African continent by taking a visual safari on the African plains. Sight, sound and touch will all be highlighted as you discover the differences in animal tracks and vocalizations and then assess what you’ve learned.

Munabi, Meerkats and More (Designed specifically for grades 4-6) Discover African habitats as you learn about animal characteristics and behaviors. Participants will understand how the food chain works, dive into animal mathematics, and create their own music as they explore African animals and culture.

Critter Café (Designed specifically for grades 4-6) Animals have some pretty WILD ways of finding and eating their food. Learn how to eat like an owl or a hippopotamus as you explore the world of eat or be eaten.

Cargill Learning Center:   Zoo Trunks
Sedgwick County Zoo
5555 Zoo Boulevard
Wichita, Kansas 67212
t: (316) 266-8213
f: (316) 712-9867
Hours of Operation
Summer8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(March – October)
Winter10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(November – February)
*The Zoo will be closed one day only, September 8, 2018 to facilitate the preparation of the annual Zoo fundraiser, Zoobilee.