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Just like with your home, sometimes our animal's homes need repair. For the safety of our residents, and those working on the repairs, animals will be required to be in behind-the-scenes areas for the work to be done. Unfortunately that means you might not get to see them on your visit.

We'll try to keep this information as up-to-date as possible. Please know that there are emergencies that might pop up.

Please be sure to check at the Admissions windows for the most current information.

Animals Temporarily Off Exhibit

None at this time

Exhibits Temporarily Closed

None at this time

Attractions & Services Temporarily Closed

None at this time

Animals Off Exhibit Long Term

Birds (parrots and fish eating species) - Australia & South America
Waterfowl and other cold hardy birds will remain in the habitat.
Return: Spring 2016

Cobra, King - Amphibian & Reptiles
Return: Undetermined

Elephant - African Veldt Building
Stephanie has moved into her new home at the new Elephants of the Zambezi River Valley! She will be adjusting to the new space, learning new schedules and eventually meeting new elephants! Check our social media channels and website for updates on how Stephanie is doing in her new home.
Return: Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Inca Terns - Cessna Penguin Cove
Return: Spring 2016

Tapir, Baird's - South America
Return: Spring 2016

Tree Kangaroos - Australia & South America
Return: Spring 2016

Exhibits Closed Long Term

None at this time

Attractions & Services Closed Long Term

Boat Tours - Closed during construction of Elephants of the Zambezi River Valley
Reopen: Spring of 2016

Anticipated Closures or Animals Going Off Exhibit

As the temperatures get colder, some of our residents may be moving to their winter homes. These residents, mostly birds, would include those in the Asian Forest, Australia and South America.

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