The Slawson Family Tiger Trek

Observe tigers prowling, playing, and behaving as they would in the wild. See the unusual Malayan tapirs spending quite a bit of time cooling off and swimming around in their exhibit’s water feature.

Amur leopard
Panthera pardus orientalis
Amur tiger
Panthera tigris altaica
Bar-headed goose
Anser indicus
Burmese brow-antlered deer
Rucervus eldii thamin
Chinese merganser
Mergus squamatus
Chinese perch
Siniperca chuatsi
Demoiselle crane
Anthropoides virgo
Indian muntjac
Muntiacus muntjak vaginalis
Red panda
Ailurus fulgens fulgens
Red-breasted goose
Branta ruficollis
Red-crested pochard
Netta rufina
Ruddy shelduck
Tadorna ferruginea
White stork
Ciconia ciconia
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