Children's Farms

I'll have mine rare.

You can find more than 40 different breeds of animals in the three farms. If you want to track down the rarest of the domestic animals at the Zoo, look for the breeds that are designated as critical or rare by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Look for karakul sheep in the Asian farm; watusi cattle in the African farm and the milking devon in the American farm.

African goose
Anser cygnoides domestic african
American cream draft horse
Equus caballus caballus american_cream_draft
American tunis sheep
Ovis aries aries american_tunis
Ancient white park cow
Bos taurus taurus white park
Arapawa goat
Capra hircus hircus arapawa
Asiatic water buffalo
Bubalus bubalis
Brown Swiss cow
Bos taurus taurus brown_swiss
Cayuga duck
Anas platyrhynchos domestic cayuga
Crested duck
Anas platyrhynchos domestic crested
Domestic yak
Bos grunniens grunniens
Domestic zebu
Bos taurus indicus
Dominique chicken
Gallus gallus domestic dominique
Dromedary Camel
Camelus dromedarius
Fayoumi chicken
Gallus gallus domestic fayoumi
Guinea hog
Sus scrofa scrofa guinea_hog
Highland cow
Bos taurus taurus highland
Indian runner duck
Anas platyrhynchos domestic indian_runner
Japanese silkie chicken
Gallus gallus domestic japanese_silkie
Karakul sheep
Ovis aries aries karakul
Khaki campbell duck
Anas platyrhynchos domestic khaki_campbell
Milking devon cow
Bos taurus taurus milking_devon
Miniature donkey
Equus asinus asinus miniature
Equus mule
Nankin chicken
Gallus gallus domesticus nankin
Narragansett turkey
Meleagris gallopavo domestic narragansett
Navajo-churro sheep
Ovis aries aries navajo_churro
Nigerian dwarf goat
Capra hircus hircus nigerian_dwarf
Pilgrim goose
Anser anser domestic pilgrim
Pineywoods cow
Bos taurus taurus pineywoods
Poitou donkey
Equus asinus asinus poitou
Randall blue lineback cow
Bos taurus taurus randall_blue_lineback
Shire draft horse
Equus caballus caballus shire_draft
Texas longhorn cow
Bos taurus taurus texas_longhorn
Vietnamese pot-bellied pig
Sus scrofa scrofa vietnamese_pot_belly
Watusi cow
Bos taurus taurus watusi
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